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How Seniors Benefit by Coming to the Aspen Senior Center in Provo

Aspen Senior Care has a sister company: Aspen Senior Center in Provo! The Aspen Senior Center in Provo is a day program especially designed for people with dementia. Family caregivers can drop their loved one off in the morning knowing that they will be well taken care of, with a variety of activities, lunch and snacks throughout the day, and then pick them up in the afternoon.

These are some of the benefits we see in many of our clients who come regularly:

  1. 1. Enhanced positive mood and outlook on life
  2. 2. Slowed progression of dementia and memory skills
  3. 3. Improved social and verbal abilities
  4. 4. Enhanced memory through reminiscing and socializing
  5. 5. Stimulated mental activity through games, puzzles, and crafts
  6. 6. Increased physical activity, strength and blood flow
  7. 7. Improved art skills and abilities
  8. 8. New friends made and enjoyed
  9. 9. Increased appetite and nutrition along with better sleep at night
  10. 10.Boosted self-esteem through celebration of their life and accomplishments



The Cognasium Approach: We have fully adopted the Cognasium Approach for seniors. Cognasium means “gymnasium for the brain” or doing those things which help our brains stay active and healthy. Many seniors and the elderly stay at home, watch TV and let their brains go dormant. We all know that our brains are like muscles; if we don’t use them, we lose them. There are four parts to this approach:


1. Mental Stimulation

2. Physical Activity

3.Good Nutrition

4. Active Socialization

Just like with school, the more we go the better we do. No adult needs “daycare” but all adults need mental stimulation, physical activity, good nutrition, and active socialization. At our Aspen Senior Center we help seniors live life more fully. Quality of life is important to all of us and our services provide a higher quality of life for our clients and their family caregivers

Call today to learn more and schedule a tour at 801-607-2300. To get an idea of the fun things they are doing visit their Facebook page and website at aspenseniorcare.org.

How Seniors Benefit by Coming to the Aspen Senior Center in Provo