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Family Caregivers should know the facts about 24-Hr Hourly Care and 24-Hr Live-in Care

It’s very important for family caregivers to understand the difference between 24-Hr Hourly Care and 24-Hr Live-in Care. Many people think it’s similar care with live-in care being a lot less expensive. However, there are a number of differences that seniors and their family member should be aware of. Quality of care and caregivers being the main differences.

24-Hr Live-in Care gives you:

1. Caregivers who by law are supposed to only work 8 hours, get 8 hours of personal time, and sleep uninterrupted for 8 hours during every 24-hour period. Most live-in caregivers work long hours and don’t get the sleep they need.

2. Caregivers who are only paid a flat daily rate between $4 and $5 per hour for a 24-hour period. They usually get about half of the flat rate charged to the client.

3. Caregivers who get burned out over time because of the many hours they are working without a break. Many do 3 or 4 days at a time.

4. Caregivers who eat, sleep and bathe at the client’s residence.

24-Hr Hourly Care gives you:

1. Fresh caregivers who come in every 8 to 12 hours with energy and alertness.

2. Higher quality caregivers who are paid a respectable wage and enjoy caring for seniors.

3. Caregivers who stay awake around the clock to provide quality care whenever it is needed.

4. A team of caregivers and staff who work well together to ensure the best care possible for the client.

At Aspen Senior Care we only provide hourly care. We provided live-in care for a time but found that our caregivers were not happy and felt they were underpaid and overworked. After more than a year of trying to provide quality live-in care, we decided we would only provide hourly care. Yes, the cost is greater, but the care is far superior and our caregivers and clients are much happier and more satisfied.

To us, it’s all about providing quality care.

Aspen Senior Care is dedicated to providing great care to seniors in their homes! For more information or questions on our services please call us at 801-224-5910 or visit our website at aspenseniorcare.com or our Facebook page.