Month: August 2015

Being a family caregiver takes a lot of time and energy , so when families hear about making sure their elderly parents’ legal affairs are in order, it’s often something that gets overlooked in the day to day tasks of care-giving. There are, however, important legal documents that seniors and their caregivers (whether family caregivers or professional caregivers) should have and refer to when making medical decisions. Many people don’t think about these types of medical decisions until an emergency happens and decisions need to be made quickly. Not having a plan in place could mean that seniors’ wishes about medical care aren’t known or honored, or even worse, having their children have to go to court for the right to make their parents’ wishes followed.

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Music is the universal language.

In individuals suffering from dementia, music has a way of reaching back in time and awakening memories. Many of Aspen Senior Care’s caregivers use music regularly with their clients to lift and brighten their moods. Some current studies have even shown what family members and caregivers have known for years: music has an incredible ability to calm, uplift and revive.

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It’s very important for family caregivers to understand the difference between 24-Hr Hourly Care and 24-Hr Live-in Care. Many people think it’s similar care with live-in care being a lot less expensive. However, there are a number of differences that seniors and their family member should be aware of. Quality of care and caregivers being the main differences.

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Aspen Senior Care has a sister company: Aspen Senior Center in Provo! The Aspen Senior Center in Provo is a day program especially designed for people with dementia. Family caregivers can drop their loved one off in the morning knowing that they will be well taken care of, with a variety of activities, lunch and snacks throughout the day, and then pick them up in the afternoon.

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