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New Aspen Senior Care Cognasium Bags

At our last in-service we introduced Cognasium Bags to our caregivers. These bags are designed to be especially tailored to fit individual client’s needs. We have a variety of engaging activities at the office for caregivers to consider for each of their clients. Studies show that individuals who keep the brain active with word games, puzzles, matching games, music, sensory activities, and socialization tend to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s or dementia. Research has shown that keeping the brain active seems to increase its vitality and may even build its reserves of brain cells and connections. 

At Aspen Senior Care we don’t want to just sit with our clients and take care of their basic needs. We want to engage them and see them thrive! There is still so much for them to enjoy and learn and so much for us to learn from them!

We received this comment from one of our caregivers – ”Gary, I loved the last in-service, so I went out and bought valentine stuff to make valentines with K— this week. I think she will love it. Also, I found out that C— loves Classical 89. I found her boom box and took it to her room, and turned it on. She was so relaxed and happy that afternoon!… I had such a good day that day because I did these things! I massaged W— hands with lotion, from the suggestion and he seemed to relax better. Thanks for the good in-service!”

Let us know what activities are working for you!

Speaking of brain teasers, can anyone figure this one out?

When telling a story
About flounder or dory,
I often end up far apart.

But when bowing your head
Or mourning your dead,
I’m together and close to your heart.

You may lend me or hold me
Or show me or fold me,
And all this is merely a start.

What am I?

**See our Facebook page for the answer on Monday!