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Have you heard of Cognasium?

“Cognasium” is a term created by the Alzheimer’s Association and  means “gymnasium for the brain”  Cognasium is a four-pronged approach that focuses on:

  1. Aspen Acitivity Day FB.posterMental Stimulation
  2. Physical Exercise
  3. Social Interaction
  4. Good Nutrition

Did you know that until recently prescription drugs were the only option for those hoping to slow the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease? A recent study by the University College London found that Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) was just as effective or more so than leading prescription Alzheimer’s medications. CST helps jump-start the minds of those with Alzheimer’s disease by stimulating their intellects with mentally invigorating group activities.

 “Our brain is like a muscle. It needs to be worked out often, if you don’t use it, you lose it.  That’s why we use a wide range of activities such as sit and dance, word games, art projects and music activities with our clients.” said Gary Staples, the Administrator and Owner of Aspen Senior Care and Aspen Senior Center.

 Aspen Senior Center uses the Cognasium  approach advocated by the Alzheimer’s Association.  Many Utah Valley residents have been able to see positive improvements in their loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease by bringing them to Aspen Senior Center.

“He looks forward to coming to Aspen. When he gets back from the center he’s in a much happier mood. It seems like his communication is better because of the social interaction with others and participating in the activities they do,” said a family member of one the clients at the Center. 

This news is especially pertinent to Utahns. Utah is projected to have the highest increase in Alzheimer’s cases out of all 50 states. Aspen Senior Center is located at 3410 N. Canyon Road in Provo, Utah. Utah Valley residents who want to find out more can visit aspenseniorcenter.orgor read about the UCL’s (University College London) study at https://www.ucl.ac.uk/international-cognitive-stimulation-therapy/publications/pdfs/spector-gardner-orrell-2011   as well as the recent article in the Wall Street Journal called Our Amazingly Plastic Brains by Norman Doidge.

For seniors in Salt Lake Valley, Aspen Senior Care provides the Aspen Activity Day program which incorporates the Cognasium approach for seniors. It is held at the Taylorsville Senior Center as well as the Millcreek Senior Center. To learn more about this program call Aspen Senior Care at 801-224-5910.

Check out  Aspen’s Facebook page  and the Aspen Senior Center’s Facebook Page  to see some examples of how we use Cognasium with our clients.