Gary Staples

Gary Staples | Aspen Senior Care

Gary Staples founded Aspen Senior Care over 16 years ago because he believed that seniors need the finest care during their final years of life. He wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of others and have meaningful employment for himself and others. He also wanted to do something he felt passionate about each and every day. He has done this with Aspen Senior Care. He has a great love and respect for seniors and the elderly.

Aspen Senior Care has Utah’s finest team of caregivers with good hearts and helpful hands.  Prospective caregivers are carefully interviewed to determine if staff would feel comfortable having them care for their own loved ones. Aspen is not afraid to have a third party organization call their clients each month and have them rate Aspen’s services. (See the  Award-Winning Services page.)  Gary is committed to the seniors in our community and dedicated to providing the best in-home care experience for each and every client Aspen serves.

Gary Staples also opened the Aspen Senior Day Center in Provo in 2010. It is Utah’s finest adult day center for seniors with dementia and other challenges.  Aspen Senior Day Center is all about supporting families who need help keeping their loved ones at home. Seniors with dementia do better when they can get out of the house and enjoy activities that help them feel normal again, such as socializing and making friends, eating good food, singing, arts, and crafts, etc. The Center has wonderful activities and great food for seniors who need a safe and friendly place to spend the day. Please learn more by visiting

In Gary’s spare time he likes to garden, coach youth soccer, and spend time with his family. He likes to eat healthily and has a very positive outlook on life.  Gary believes we are here to help each other along life’s path and the more we give, the more joy we receive. This has been the guiding principle in his private and professional life and has served him well.