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Our Newest Courage in Action Award and Highest Quality of Care Award are in the Same Family!

Nephi and Leona Fitzgerald are wonderful people! They always great you with a smile and a joke! Nephi’s latest joke is:

Question: What did the mama shot gun say to the papa shot gun?
Answer: We’re going to have a BB.

Nephi received the Courage in Action Award for his funny, loving ways and his determination to be happy in the face of challenges. He can always turn a bad day into a good day just by telling you a joke. Nephi grew up in Draper, UT and was one of 16 children. He lived and worked on a dairy farm for many years.

Leona received the Highest Quality of Care Award for her devotion and love in caring for Nephi. She grew up in Salt Lake City and is the daughter of a newspaper man. She had two sisters. Leona is a devoted wife and a mother of seven children. She is the foundation in the home, the one they can all rely on. She tries to see the good in all things.

Our Courage in Action Award and Highest Quality of Care Award are presented to our clients and family members of clients who strive daily to live life to the fullest and provide the best care they can for loved ones. Nephi and Leona have worked together throughout their lives to show love and kindness to each other and all those around them. Because of their great examples to us of perseverance, love, and choosing to find the good in the midst of life’s challenges, they have received these awards.