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November is National Family Cargiver Month


November is National Family Caregiver Month and here at Aspen Senior Care we honor those who endeavor to compassionately care for family members with declining health or dementia, while balancing family and work responsibilities as well.

It’s been estimated that more than 30% of the American population (about 90 million people) care for family members who, for various reasons are unable to care for themselves.   Caregiving is physically, emotionally, mentally and financially exhausting.

Family caregivers often feel isolated or alone. The following comments in response to an article at Alzheimer’s Weekly give a clear picture of family caregiver frustration:

“My husband has ALZ. What is it that makes people who spent 20 minutes with him 8 weeks ago think that they know him and our life together?” – Toni
“I also take care of my husband and some people tell me ‘are you sure he has Alzheimer’s?” – Donna
“Hubby has ALZ. Sometimes I feel that we both have a contagious disease.” – Anonymous
  “…I sometimes get the feeling no one wants to be around him because he asks so many questions. I even had a friend tell me that I am in ‘denial’ and should be thinking about putting him in a nursing home. He is a long time away from a home.” – AnonymousElderly woman

Here at Aspen we have the honor of associating with some of the most amazing family caregivers! They inspire us with their devotion to their loved ones. We have a Family Caregiver Award which we give to family caregivers, to recognize them and the hard work they are doing.

Thank you to all the family caregivers who strive to do the best they can in caring for loved ones.

The Aspen Senior Center in Provo was specifically designed to provide respite for family caregivers who bring their loved ones for the day and know that they will be well cared for and involved in fun, enriching activities and get proper nutrition. For more information or to take a tour call 801-607-2300. Visit Aspen Senior Center’s Facebook page to see all the great activities they do.