Home Care Heroes

Last year Aspen Senior Care launched a program called Home Care Heroes.  We are fortune to work with amazing home health and hospice agencies whose professionals are on the front line of caring for seniors in their homes: CNAs, RN, Social Workers, Physical Therapists and Chaplains.  Aspen works hand-in-hand with these agencies, and we wanted to acknowledge how much we appreciate them and their dedication to seniors.SL Home Care Hero. Janet.Olschewski

Beginning in July we drew several names each month in Utah and Salt Lake Counties and honored these individuals (usually surprised them!) in front of their co-workers for the great job they do. Kylee Farnsworth.Horizon HospcieThey are surprised to be recognized because they are “just doing their job” but as we work with them we see the compassion and dedication they have to each patient they serve, even if no one else notices. We want them to know we do!

As 2015 draws to a close we think of all the wonderful people we have worked together with to improve the lives of seniors. We are looking forward to a great 2016 and the opportunity to honor new Home Care Heroes.

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