Month: May 2016

Aspen Senior Care has been voted Best of Utah Valley again!

The Best in Utah Valley competition is held each spring by the Daily Herald. Readers choose and vote on their favorite local businesses, services and products in Utah County.  The Daily Herald counts the votes, chooses the top three in each category and the rest is history!

Aspen Senior Care cares! This is more that a job, these dear seniors become family.

Aspen Senior Care cares! This is more that a job, these dear seniors become family.

Aspen Senior Care was chosen along with 2 other agencies as The Best of Utah Valley in the Home Health Care category. Although we are a personal care agency, we work closely with the best home health & hospice agencies in Utah.

Our mission statement is very simple:

“Our mission is to help seniors in Utah live comfortably and independently in their own homes for as long as possible.”

We accomplish this by:

“…providing Utah’s finest and most reliable in-home companion care. Our care and business practices are based on strong family values and the highest of ethical standards. We perform all senior care services with professionalism and dignity and treat all seniors as family.”

Aspen Senior Care has been serving seniors in Utah Valley for over 11 years. We started caring for seniors in the Salt Lake Valley about 6 years ago. We love caring for seniors and working with their families to help their loved ones stay comfortably at home as long as possible.

Seniors bless our lives in so many ways. We are fortunate to be able to associate with these wonderful people..

Seniors bless our lives in so many ways. We are fortunate to be able to associate with our wonderful seniors.

We help with:

  • personal hygiene
  • meal preparation
  • menu planning
  • grocery shopping & errands
  • night care
  • medication reminders
  • light house keeping
  • dementia care
  • hospice care
  • companionship
  • transportation

Aspen Senior Care is a locally owned company with roots deep in Utah. This is our home. We work closely with families and clients to create a care plan specially designed to meet individual needs.

Our caregivers love working here!

Our caregivers love working here!

We also have clients in assisted livings and rehabs. Families are comforted knowing loved ones are getting the care and attention they need. Call us at 801-224-5910 and see if we can be of help.


At a recent Aspen Senior Care in-service caregivers learned the importance of recognizing stroke signs early.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in the United States. Learning to recognizing stroke signs and and the symptoms of tertiary ischemic attack (also known as mini stroke or TIA’s) can help increase the chances of survival and limit side-effects.

Recognizing stoke signs early can save lives.

Symptoms of stroke can differ in men and women.

Aspen trains new caregivers to recognize stroke symptoms and understand the procedure in place to handle this situation. We hold a yearly in-service training on stroke and it’s symptoms because it is so important to be clear on what to do if symptoms are noticed. Caregivers are the eyes and ears of our clients and their families. They see first hand subtle changes in health or personality that family members may not be aware of.

When a client is experiencing stroke symptoms it is crucial to get medical attention as quickly as possible. If treatment can begin within 3 hours of symptoms appearing, there is a greater likelihood of recovery from the effects of a stroke.

Men and women often experience stroke symptoms differently, according to an article at Clinical Advisor.  Many seniors don’t realize they may be having a stroke until it is too late. This is where we as caregivers can help clients and family caregivers by observing and educating them about these symptoms.

If you aren’t sure, ask these questions:

  • FACE – Has the face fallen on one side? Can they smile?
  • ARMS – Can they raise both arms and keep them there?
  • SPEECH – Is their speech slurred?
  • TIME to call 911 if you see any one of these symptoms.
Recognizing stroke signs

Remember to act FAST when you see sings of stroke.

At Aspen Senior Care we provide quality training for our caregivers which leads to quality in-home care for our clients. Visit our Facebook page to see some of the exciting things we are doing and learning.