Month: January 2016

Every year thousands of individuals are misdiagnosed in the emergency room with harmless headaches or dizziness when they really are experiencing signs of stroke. A study published by David Newman-Toker, M.D., Ph.D. last April found that many emergency room doctors where overlooking or discounting these symptoms, especially in people younger than 45.

The research showed that a significant number  “of people later admitted for stroke had been potentially misdiagnosed and erroneously sent home from an ER in the 30 days preceding stroke hospitalization. Those misdiagnosed disproportionately presented with dizziness or headaches and were told they had a benign condition, such as inner ear infection or migraine… About half of the unexpected returns for stroke occurred within seven days, and more than half of these occurred in the first 48 hours.”

Stroke is a leading cause of vascular dementia and it’s important for families and  caregivers to recognize the symptoms.


Receiving treatment quickly can decrease the amount of long-term effects and has been shown to decrease the chance of repeat stroke by as much as 80%.

Aspen Senior Care is dedicated to providing quality care to seniors in their homes. We have well trained caregivers and staff who love seniors and know the challenges that family caregivers face.  For more information please call 801-224-5910.



Age has a way of sneaking up on everyone.  Your parents may have seemed fine the last time you saw them but on the next visit, some things just didn’t seem right, even though your dad was insisting they were fine.

Physical and mental decline can happen so gradually it’s practically unnoticable, but as these small signs become more apparent, families may be able to make some changes now that will prevent serious problems from happening later. Some signs to look for:

  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Spoiled food in the fridge or food left out on the counter
  • Cluttered or dirty house
  • Changes in mood
  • Weight loss
  • Unexplained bruising
  • Wearing soiled clothing
  • Broken appliances
  • House and yard are in need of care
  • Dings or scratches on the car
  • Forgetting appointments
  • Confused when doing regular, routine tasks.
  • Trouble getting up or down from a seated position
  • Unopened mail or late payment notices
  • Medication taken in correctly or not at all.
  • No interest in things that they used to enjoy doing
  • Losing things or getting lost

kitchen-clutter-300x214Seeing some of these signs gives you the opportunity to talk about how your parents are really doing, see if they need medical help or just help around the house with cleaning or meals being prepared. It’s sometimes difficult for elderly parents to ask for help. They have been independent all of their lives and have always taken care of themselves and others, including you.  Now it may be time for you to gently and candidly address some of these observations and see if you can help find some solutions. Once the conversation has begun, it may actually bring some relief and peace of mind to

Aspen Senior Care has options for in-home care and information on other services available to help seniors living at home stay safe and cared for. Give us a call at 801-224-5910.

Home Care Pulse just announced the Best of Home Care award winners for 2016 and Aspen Senior Care was at the top of that list again!

Aspen Senior Care received the 2016 Best of Home Care Provider of Choice Award. This award is granted only to the top ranking home care providers nationwide based on client satisfaction scores gathered by Home Care Pulse, an independent third-party company. Aspen Senior Care is ranked among a select few home care providers across the country and just a handful in Utah who have proven their ability to provide outstanding care to seniors in their homes.

“We want to congratulate Aspen Senior Care on receiving the Best of Home Care Provider of Choice Award,” says Aaron Marcum, CEO and founder of Home Care Pulse. “Since this award is based on client feedback, it demonstrates Aspen’s dedication to providing the highest quality of care with a focus on client satisfaction. We are pleased to recognize Aspen Senior Care’s dedication to quality, professionalism and expertise in home care…and we are happy to recognize Aspen Senior Care as one of very few Best of Home Care Provider of Choice recipients. We celebrate their accomplishments as a trusted home care provider.”

“We are the only home care agency in Utah who has won this award seven years in a row,” says Gary Staples, owner and administrator of Aspen Senior Care. “Doing so proves our love for our clients and for the services we provide. We have the finest caregivers in Utah who are well trained, qualified and devoted to providing seniors with the professional care they deserve.”
Here at Aspen Senior Care we are honored to receive this award for 2016. We will continue our commitment to providing our clients with the highest quality in-home care available in Utah. Call us today at 801-224-5910 for more information about our services. You may also want to visit our Facebook page.

2016 Provider of Choice

Seniors today grew up learning to work hard, be independent and not complain.  In fact, many grew up thinking mental and emotional problems were a sign of weakness.  Seniors feeling isolated or lonely may choose to deal with these feelings rather than “complain” about them.   However, loneliness can lead to depression which can be very serious if not treated properly.

It’s estimated that 11 million people over age 65 live alone. Living alone doesn’t necessarily mean a person will be lonely.  Family, church and community activities can help seniors feel involved and connected to others. But with aging comes health and mobility problems which can contribute to seniors feeling alone and isolated.

Loneliness has been shown to:

Ways to prevent loneliness:

  • Find new social activities – Check to see if there are senior centers or other community activities in your area. The Aspen Senior Center in Provo is a great place where seniors with some cognitive impairment socialize and enjoy a variety of activities together.
  • Volunteer – the senior companion program in Utah County is a great way for seniors to meet with other seniors who are lonely and need a friend. Schools also love to have seniors come and help grade school children with reading.
  • Adopt a pet – research has shown that pets are good for our health. They decrease the risk of depression, help bring blood pressure down, and reduce stress levels – in short they help fight against all the things that loneliness can cause.seniors-and-pets
Aspen Senior Care is a personal care agency with caregivers trained to provide quality care and companionship to seniors in their homes. Aspen Senior Center is an adult day care program where seniors can go and participate in fun, engaging activities and receive nutritional meal and snacks. Visit their Facebook page to see some of the fun activities they are doing or call 801-224-5910 for more information.

Last year Aspen Senior Care launched a program called Home Care Heroes.  We are fortune to work with amazing home health and hospice agencies whose professionals are on the front line of caring for seniors in their homes: CNAs, RN, Social Workers, Physical Therapists and Chaplains.  Aspen works hand-in-hand with these agencies, and we wanted to acknowledge how much we appreciate them and their dedication to seniors.SL Home Care Hero. Janet.Olschewski

Beginning in July we drew several names each month in Utah and Salt Lake Counties and honored these individuals (usually surprised them!) in front of their co-workers for the great job they do. Kylee Farnsworth.Horizon HospcieThey are surprised to be recognized because they are “just doing their job” but as we work with them we see the compassion and dedication they have to each patient they serve, even if no one else notices. We want them to know we do!

As 2015 draws to a close we think of all the wonderful people we have worked together with to improve the lives of seniors. We are looking forward to a great 2016 and the opportunity to honor new Home Care Heroes.

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