Month: April 2014

Other Senior Care Options to Consider for Your Loved One

We meet with families each month who are seeking the best care for their loved one. It can be challenging sorting through all of the various types of senior care options. However, many adult children think that a nursing home or an “old folks home” is the only option when their loved one begins to need some help at home. They are most likely referring to an assisted living facility which are private pay facilities where aging senior live. Let’s take a quick look at two other lesser known private pay options that all families should consider.

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National Healthcare Decisions Day

On National Healthcare Decisions Day which is on Wednesday, April 16, 2014, all across the country, health care facilities, professionals, chaplains, the legal community and others will participate in a collective effort to highlight the importance of making advance healthcare decisions. These professionals and facilities will be providing tools for making these crucial decisions available to everyone. Together, we are hoping to address the public’s misunderstandings about advance healthcare planning and advance directives. Such misunderstandings include: 1. That a living will and a healthcare power of attorney are the same thing (they are not). 2. That advance directives are only used for limiting care (also not true), and 3. That a lawyer is needed to draft an advance directive (not true as well).

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