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When a person is diagnosed with dementia, it affects the whole family.  Most families don’t know where to begin when it comes to finding help and resources.  Taking a team approach to dementia care is the best way to support families as they support their loved ones.

What is a team approach?

When we think about a team, we think about individuals working together towards the same goal. For families caring for a loved one with dementia, the goal is to provide good care as the disease progresses and also to support each other. Life doesn’t stand still for family members caring for their loved one. Families need to be able to continue with their hopes and dreams, even if some of those hopes and dreams have changed due to their loved one’s illness.

This is why a team approach to dementia care is so important.  There are agencies here in Utah County that share the same caregiving and quality-of-life goals for people with dementia that caregiving families have.  They offer dementia care education, respite care, and other kinds of support to these families.

Knowing where to find these resources can sometimes be a challenge, especially for families who have just received a diagnosis of dementia. This is where a caregiver coach can be of help.

A Caregiver Coach

Teams usually have a coach – someone who helps the team members by providing education, guidance, and support to help the team succeed. A Caregiver Coach helps families caring for loved ones with dementia. There are many resources available for such families –  the challenge is knowing where to find this information and what applies to their situation.

Each family caring for a loved one with dementia has unique challenges. A caregiver coach meets one on one with family caregivers and helps them find the right resources for them.

A family caregiver coach can:

  • educate families about the type of dementia their loved one has
  • offer ideas about creating a safe home environment
  • be a listening ear for caregiver challenges and frustrations
  • help problem solve challenging behaviors and situations
  • find support groups the caregiver might feel comfortable attending
  • help families access respite, in-home care, and adult day programs in the area.

    Caregiving takes a team

Aspen is here to help

The caregiving journey doesn’t have to be made alone. There are people who want to help and who know from experience the challenges families face. Aspen Senior Care takes a team approach to dementia care and wants to help you meet your caregiving goals. This is why we have a Caregiver Coach to help families meet the challenges of caregiving.  Meeting with our caregiver coach is a complimentary service we offer. To find out more about this service please call 801-224-5910. We are here to help!

  1. We specialize in helping seniors live at home longer.

Sometimes daily tasks become difficult for your loved one to accomplish and a loving and helping hand is all they need to maintain a good quality of life at home. Aspen Senior Care’s trusted professional caregivers offer non-medical services to help your loved one live comfortably in their own home for as long as they desire.

Here are the words of two of our clients:

  • My mother’s caregiver helps her with bathing, feeding her breakfast, getting her dressed, making her bed, and doing her laundry. The caregiver also takes out the garbage and makes sure the kitchen is cleaned up. She does everything.

Lynn B.

  • My caregiver cares about me and takes care of me, then takes care of things around the house.

Lois C.

Our specific services include:

Aspen Caregivers – We love what we do!

  • Caring companionship
  • Shower assistance
  • Hygiene care
  • Homemaking
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Errands and Transportation
  • Light housekeeping
  • Medication reminders
  • Alzheimer’s and dementia care
  • Respite and Hospice care
  • Delivering peace of mind
  • And much more

Our sister company offers adult day care services and activities for seniors needing memory care. Just visit their website at Aspen Senior Day Center.

  1. We give family caregivers the break they need!

Family caregivers work tirelessly each and every day to give the best care possible to their loved one. We at Aspen Senior Care know that while being a caregiver is one of the most rewarding callings, it can also be tiring and difficult at times.  This is where our professional caregivers step in and provide respite care. Every hard-working caregiver deserves a break to accomplish their daily tasks, run errands, visit family and friends, or take a nap! We’re not taking over, we’re giving family caregivers a chance to take a much-needed break while their loved one follows their daily routine with our trusted professional caregivers.

  • I can’t be there in the afternoon so the services allow someone to be with my mom when I can’t be. 

Tricia L.

  • Having the services helps so that someone is with my mom while I’m at work, and the caregivers show compassion by the way that they talk to my mother. It shows a lot.

Kevin B.

  1. We take great care of our clients and our caregivers.

Gary Staples, Owner and Administrator, founded Aspen Senior Care over 13 years ago because he believed that seniors need the finest care during their final years of life. Our team here at Aspen Senior Care values that belief and works every day to ensure that belief stays true by having a great love and respect for the seniors we care for.  We value our clients and our caregivers and want to ensure that not only are their needs met to their full expectation, but that they feel heard, loved, and appreciated each and every day. 

  • Aspen Senior Care is right on the mark. They check back and their people are professional and kind. I think they’re perfect.

Josephine C.

  • The services from Aspen Senior Care made me feel like my father was being cared for by people that truly care about him.

Ron S.

  1. We have a reputation for delivering on our promises. 

Aspen Senior Care values transparency and ensuring we are living up to our promises! We love what we do, and we hire only those we trust to care for those you love! We at Aspen Senior Care have a promise to each and every client that we work with to always:

  • Be caregivers you can trust in every situation   
  • Give you the type of service that will make you want more
  • Be professional in all that we do and treat you with love and respect
  • Follow the care plan on every shift and document what is accomplished

You are very important to us and we always consider you our highest priority. So, each of us has made the above promise, and we have signed a poster-size version of it and displayed it in our offices as a reminder of our commitment to you. If for any reason you believe that we are not keeping our promise, please let us know immediately. After all, a promise is a promise.

  1. We provide award-winning home care with loving, professional caregivers you can trust!

Aspen Senior Care is an award-winning option for those searching for caregivers devoted to providing the highest level of care, respect, love, and professionalism. Every year for the past eight years, Aspen Senior Care has received Best of Home Care – Provider of Choice from Home Care PulseⓇ, an independent third party company which interviews our clients and their family members regarding their experience with our company. This award means that we have received the highest customer satisfaction scores from our clients compared to other in-home care providers.  

Aspen Senior Care was also voted #1 in the ‘Best of Homecare’ category for Daily Herald‘s – The Best of Utah Valley 2017 Readers Choice Awards. This will make 5 years in a row!



For more information, call our office at 801-224-5910

Aspen Senior Care is excited to share some great on-line dementia care help for family caregivers!

With all of the information about dementia care out there, it can be an overwhelming task to sort through and figure out just what information is best and how it applies to your situation.

At Aspen, we understand the difficulties family members face while caring for loved ones with dementia and our goal is to be a source of support, education, and information to which family members may turn as they cope with the daily challenges of caregiving.

Learning from the best and looking for the positive

Because there is so much material on dementia care out there, we have looked long and hard to find up-to-date, quality information that is both useful and practical for families to implement, and we believe we have found this resource in Teepa Snow, a dementia care education specialist with over 30 years of experience in this field.


Teepa Snow,
Dementia Care Specialist

She has developed The Positive Approach to Care training series to help professional and family caregivers better understand the physical changes that happen with dementia, and develop skills to understand and care for people with dementia

Our professional caregivers use Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care training series to better understand memory loss and how using this approach improves the quality of life for both the caregiver and the person receiving care.

The positive approach focuses on what individuals with dementia CAN do at each stage of the disease instead of focusing on the skills they have lost.


Online Caregiving Tips

With this in mind, we have put together a list of short video clips taken from Teepa Snow’s training DVDs. More can be found at Teepa’s YouTube channel and The Pines of Sarasota YouTube channel.

These are just a few of the on-line dementia care help available for family caregivers.  Aspen Senior Care has some of the full-length DVDs from which the above clips are taken. Family caregivers are welcome to come and watch the entire DVD if they would like. Just give us a call at 801-224-5910 to check on availability and schedule a time to come in.

Aspen Senior Care is here to help families meet the caregiving challenges they face. We want families to feel they aren’t alone, that there is hope and help available. Please visit our website at and call us at 801-224-5910 for more information. We’re here to help.

Best of Home Care Ⓡ –Provider of Choice

At Aspen Senior Care we continuously strive to be the leading provider to those seeking a reliable and trustworthy in-home care service for their loved ones. Once again we are proud to announce that we have been awarded the Best of Home CareⓇ – Provider of Choice for 2017!

What does this mean to those seeking in-home care?

This means that we have received the highest customer satisfaction scores from our clients compared to other in-home care providers.  Aspen Senior Care is an award-winning option for those searching for caregivers devoted to providing the highest level of care, respect, love, and professionalism.   


How are we rated?  

Because it is important to us that we provide the highest standard of care, we have contracted with Home Care PulseⓇ to gather feedback directly from our clients and their family members.

Those who participate can choose to be contacted throughout a six-month period and are able to remain anonymous, so our feedback is gathered independently from our agency.

Home Care Pulse speaks with our clients over the phone to review and rate the service we provide to determine which areas we excel in, and where we may need to improve.

Some of these areas we were rated to excel in include:

  • Work ethic, ability, compassion, and professionalism of Caregivers
  • Confidence in Office Staff
  • Communication from Provider
  • Client/Caregiver Compatibility
  • Service as Expected
  • Recommend Provider
  • Daily Life

“We greatly appreciate the feedback we receive and use our results to ensure each caregiver is trained and able to perform with the highest quality of care for your loved one.  We are pleased by this award once again and strive throughout the year to be true to it.”

– Gary Staples, Owner and Administrator

To learn more visit today.

Whether it’s short-term medical care after a hospital stay or a chronic illness needing on-going medical care, home health agencies are dedicated to providing quality medical care in the comfort and convenience of a patient’s home.

Most home health agencies offer a variety of services such as

  • Skilled nursing
    • Wound care
    • Infusion therapy
    • Catheters
    • Pain management
    • Injections, immunizations
  • Rehabilitation therapies: physical, occupational & speech-language
  • Medical social services and counseling
  • Case management
  • Home health aid services (bathing, personal care)Medicare will pay for these services only while a patient is receiving medical treatment in the home and as often as the doctor determines, usually 2 to 3 times a week.  Visit  to find out what services are covered.

Medicare doesn’t pay for long-term care. It’s all about helping seniors heal and improve their health and strength.  Seniors must be making improvement to qualify or re-certify for home health services.

Aspen works with some of the best home health agencies in Utah. They take care of the medical side of things and we take care of everything else.

Questions to ask before you begin receiving home health care.

There’s a lot to consider when looking for a home health agency. Below are some questions to ask:

  • Does the agency have national accreditation?
  • Is the agency Medicare approved and what will Medicare cover?
  • Will the agency take other insurance and what will insurance cover?
  • What kinds of ongoing training do your professional caregivers receive?
  • What are their educational backgrounds?
  • Is a nurse is available 24/7?
  • Will there be someone to cover if the nurse or aid is ill?
  • Are you flexible with visits? Can the nurse and/or aid come when it’s convenient for me?cmh_health_services_logo_no_lettering

The home health agency you are considering should tell you how much Medicare will pay and services they won’t pay for that will be your responsibility. They should explain this both by talking with you and in writing.

It’s perfectly fine to ask for references and ask people you know who may have used home health before. Ask how their experience was with the agency they used.

Home health is a great service for providing medical care in the home. It is usually less expensive than hospital care and seniors heal better in their own homes.

Aspen Senior Care fills in the gaps

When home health isn’t enough, Aspen Senior Care can step in and provide quality personal care and homemaker services.

Our services include:

• Shower assistance
• Hygiene care
• Medication reminders
• Homemaking
• Meal planning and preparation
• Light housekeeping
• Errands and transportation
• Alzheimer’s and dementia care
• Respite and Hospice care

We are dedicated to providing the best care possible in the home. Please visit our website at or call us at 801-224-5910 for more information. We’re here to help!

Aspen Helps Seniors Live at Home

Maybe you’ve noticed some of the independent and assisted livings springing up around Utah county. The state of Utah has seen an increase in it’s overall population and although Utah is considered a “young” state, our senior population is growing at a fast pace.

According to a recent report published by The Utah Foundation:

  • It’s estimated that by 2030 seniors in Utah will make up more than 13% of the state’s population.  The majority of these seniors want to stay in their own homes.
  • There are approximately 336,000 caregivers in Utah who provide 90% of the care for seniors. Less than 1% of caregivers use state or local support services.
  • Transportation services for seniors are scarce.


Aspen’s mission is to help seniors in Utah live comfortably and independently in their own homes for as long as possible.  We work hand in hand with family caregivers to provide quality care to seniors who want to stay at home.

Our services include:

  • Caring companionship
  • Help after hospital stay
  • Light housekeeping and meal preparation, laundry, etc.
  • Bathing and hygiene
  • Transportation and errands
  • Hospice care
  • Alzheimer’s and dementia care
  • Medication reminders
  • Respite care for family caregivers
  • Information and referral service

We are licensed, bonded and insured. We hire caregivers with strong family values who are committed to caring for seniors with love, compassion and skill.

Aspen Senior Care also has a transportation program for seniors – Aspen Senior Rides!

It’s convenient and simple – just call our office and schedule rides for any day and  time. We provide door-to-door service in Utah Valley and charge just $25 per ride or errand up to one hour within 5 miles. We can pick up and drop off prescriptions or groceries as needed.

Aspen Senior Care wants to help seniors stay at home as long as they are comfortable and safe.  We understand there’s no place like home and work hard to help our clients remain where they are happiest.

Here at Aspen Senior Care we value each and every one of our clients and their families!  Each client is unique and we design our services to match their needs.   If you are in need of assistance or have any questions about our services please give us a call at 801-224-5910 or visit our website at  



Aspen Senior Care has been voted Best of Utah Valley again!

The Best in Utah Valley competition is held each spring by the Daily Herald. Readers choose and vote on their favorite local businesses, services and products in Utah County.  The Daily Herald counts the votes, chooses the top three in each category and the rest is history!

Aspen Senior Care cares! This is more that a job, these dear seniors become family.

Aspen Senior Care cares! This is more that a job, these dear seniors become family.

Aspen Senior Care was chosen along with 2 other agencies as The Best of Utah Valley in the Home Health Care category. Although we are a personal care agency, we work closely with the best home health & hospice agencies in Utah.

Our mission statement is very simple:

“Our mission is to help seniors in Utah live comfortably and independently in their own homes for as long as possible.”

We accomplish this by:

“…providing Utah’s finest and most reliable in-home companion care. Our care and business practices are based on strong family values and the highest of ethical standards. We perform all senior care services with professionalism and dignity and treat all seniors as family.”

Aspen Senior Care has been serving seniors in Utah Valley for over 11 years. We started caring for seniors in the Salt Lake Valley about 6 years ago. We love caring for seniors and working with their families to help their loved ones stay comfortably at home as long as possible.

Seniors bless our lives in so many ways. We are fortunate to be able to associate with these wonderful people..

Seniors bless our lives in so many ways. We are fortunate to be able to associate with our wonderful seniors.

We help with:

  • personal hygiene
  • meal preparation
  • menu planning
  • grocery shopping & errands
  • night care
  • medication reminders
  • light house keeping
  • dementia care
  • hospice care
  • companionship
  • transportation

Aspen Senior Care is a locally owned company with roots deep in Utah. This is our home. We work closely with families and clients to create a care plan specially designed to meet individual needs.

Our caregivers love working here!

Our caregivers love working here!

We also have clients in assisted livings and rehabs. Families are comforted knowing loved ones are getting the care and attention they need. Call us at 801-224-5910 and see if we can be of help.


There are many senior care agencies in Utah, but none like Aspen Senior Care.  We’re different!  Gary Staples founded Aspen Senior Care over 11 years ago because of his genuine love,  enthusiasm and admiration for seniors and his desire to provide a much needed to service to seniors who want to stay at home in their final years.

Gary chose a team of office staff and caregivers who share his vision of helping seniors in their homes. In an industry with high employee turnover, Gary has creaWP_20160310_15_04_52_Proted a company where no one wants to leave! Most of the office staff have been with Aspen over 8 years, and a many of the caregivers have been with Aspen 5+ years, with a few dating back to it’s very beginning.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about their experience with Aspen:

“Dear Aspen Senior Care: Thank you so much for the loving care you gave to our mother, LaRae, since she was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor last August. It is impossible to list the many people and services that were provided, but please know how much each and every one of you was loved and appreciated by LaRae and our family… we give special thanks to Juli who became not just a caregiver, but a dear, dear friend to our mother. She truly went the extra mile in every way.” ~ u201CPretty in Pinku201D Tea Party 029

“I appreciate how we have had really good caregivers, it has been amazing that the substitute caregivers have even been great. Aspen Senior Care has worked with us to find unique and caring caregivers that fit our family’s needs. Aspen…has been an enriching experience for us.”  ~ Bonnie  C.

“What impressed me the most about the caregivers from Aspen Senior Care is that they have developed a strong relationship with my mother and that demonstrates that they truly care about her.” ~ Helen S.Aspen 5 years

Aspen’s mission statement is to help seniors stay in their homes for as long as possible and treat each client as family. We have a big Aspen family and there’s always room for more!

If we can help you or a loved one with caring companionship, house-keeping, medication reminders, personal care, dementia care, night care or errands, give us a call at 801-224-5910. We’d be happy to visit with you.


Ask Questions When Interviewing Senior Care Agencies

In-home care agencies allow seniors to stay in their homes longer and enjoy more freedom and independence, so it’s important to ask questions when hiring a senior care agency.

There are so many agencies now and the quality of care varies greatly. Just because a caregiver is employed by an agency doesn’t necessarily mean they have the training and experience to care for an elderly person.

Allowing and trusting a stranger into a private home can be risky and challenging so it’s really important for families to research agencies carefully when considering in-home care.

Ask questions such as these when interviewing senior care agencies:

  1. How long has this agency been in business? 
    • Use a company that is well known. It doesn’t need to be large or a franchise. Make sure to ask for references.
  2. How does the company recruit caregivers? 
    • Some hire anyone who walks through the door.
    • Do they run federal or state background checks as well as reference checks?
  3. What skills and certifications are required and how does the company assess each caregiver’s skills?
    • Do they know the caregiver’s strengths, weaknesses and interests? This is important when matching caregivers with clients.
  4. Are employees insured and bonded through the agency? 
    • Are they covered by Workers Compensation insurance and does the company pay their payroll taxes.
  5. Does the agency send the same person rather than a new caregiver each visit?
    • It is a good idea to have 2 or 3 caregivers on a team in case one becomes ill or leaves.
  6. If a caregiver isn’t a good fit, will the agency provide someone else quickly?
  7. Does the agency provide a quality of care evaluation regularly and who does this?

At Aspen Senior Care, we have hired a third party, Home Care Pulse, to conduct monthly interviews with our clients, to find out how we are doing and where we can improve. We are serious about providing the best care possible.Family Caregivers need to know the Difference between 24-Hr Hourly Care and 24-Hr Live-in Care

Aspen Senior Care…

  1. is well established in our community with over 11 years of service in Utah County.
  2. carefully screens and runs background checks on potential caregivers. We conduct lengthy interviews and check all references of potential caregivers.
  3. requires caregivers to be either CNAs or Certified Companion Aides (CCAs). Our caregivers are also trained in dementia and hospice care.
  4. is bonded and insured, provides Workers Compensation insurance and pays all payroll taxes.
  5. strives to be consistent with a team of caregivers so that clients will have familiarity with their caregivers.
  6. listens to client concerns and always tries to find the best caregiver fit.
  7. does on-site evaluations of caregivers and alternate with a home visit and a phone call to our clients every other month. These visits and calls are done by our field supervisors.

Call us at 801-224-5910 and see if we can answer these questions to your satisfaction. We are passionate about providing quality care to seniors. We consider our clients and caregivers to be part of our Aspen family and we’d love to have you be a part of it!

Aspen's Scheduling Team

Aspen’s Scheduling Team


Falling can be one of the most catastrophic events to happen in an elderly person’s life and that’s why preventing falls is so important.  It’s been estimated that about 1/3 of seniors living at home fall each year, and this is only reported falls.  Over 20% of falls result in serious head injuries or fractures and falling accounts for 70% of accidental deaths among seniors age 75 and older.

Almost half of those who fall cannot get up without help even though they may not be injured and many develop a fear of falling that ends up limiting their daily activities. Preventing falls in the home isn’t hard but does take some planning and effort.

There are a number of factors that play a roll in why seniors fall, but we are going to focus on steps you can take to reduce the risk of falling in your home:

  1. Remove things that might cause you to trip
    • Throw rugs or mats
    • Clutter – newspapers, books, mail, clothing
    • Pets and pet bowls
    • Phone cords
    • Electric cord
  2. Organize furniture so there is plenty of room to move freely
    • remove items from stairs and doorways or halls
  3. Don’t walk on wet floors and clean up spills right away.
  4. Wear shoes or non-skid socks.
  5. Use non-slip mats in the shower or tub and rubber-backed rugs in the bathroom
  6. Make sure there is plenty of light. Use nightlights and keep a flash light by the bed in case the power goes out.
  7. Use grab bars and handrails. 
    • When carrying something, use one hand to hold the handrail and the other to carry the item. Don’t try to carry too much at once.
  8. Make sure transition areas are level and easy to see (for example, kitchen to living room, bedroom to hallway).

fall risk

Aspen Senior Care wants seniors to be safe and feel secure in their homes. While some falls are the result of medical and physical conditions, preventing falls in the home is possible with some care and planning.  Check back soon to see simple strengthening exercises that seniors can do in their homes to increase lower body strength that will help with fall prevention.

For seniors and the elderly who are fall risks due to poor health and weakness, Aspen Senior Care provides one-on-one support in the home with trained and qualified caregivers. We assist seniors with meals, bathroom assistance, light housekeeping, transportation, dementia care and much more.

Call us at 801-224-5910 for information on how we can help.